Danny: So who are we and how did we find ourselves in the candle business, Kristie?

Kristie: We are a married couple in Seattle. A couple of (mostly) vegan foodies, sometimes outdoor adventurers and enthusiastic world travelers whenever we get the opportunity to steal away from our utopian Seattle existence.

Danny: Utopian in the summer, at least. And I am a business and intellectual property lawyer, which usually doesn’t involve transitioning to candle making. So how did that happen?

Kristie: Well, I have always been crafty. And we are candle connoisseurs. We have always bought lots of candles, because we like the way a well crafted and designed candle looks and smells, and we have tried dozens of brands.

Danny: And at the same time we were becoming experts in the art of finding the perfect candle, we were becoming more aware of the evils of synthetics, right? We have been paying more and more attention to the stuff that is in our food and other things that we buy; and generally just trying to be more mindful consumers.

Kristie: Yeah, and we are urban minimalists, but we love well-designed products.

Danny: We do, and it is unfortunate that most “natural” products have such plain or boring designs. Or the scent is faint or non-existent.

Kristie: So we were hunting for candles with chic designs, that smelled great and that avoided synthetics, paraffin and other harmful ingredients, and couldn’t find any. And since I am kind of crafty, I began honing my skills as a candle http://www.eta-i.org/valium.html maker, and found I was pretty good it at.

Danny: Hallelujah! Now you are just being modest, because these candles are as good as anything we’ve bought at retail, including the candles that cost more than $100 that we shouldn’t admit to have purchased. And what does Cherepashka mean, besides “funny name for a candle company”?

Kristie: Cherepashka means small turtle in Russian, and besides reminding me of my Russian heritage (I moved to Seattle from the foot of the Ural mountains in Siberia in 2010 after spending summers here as a student), I think the turtle signifies our careful and deliberate approach to crafting such awesome delightfully scented natural candles!

Danny: And we also have a small turtle as a pet, which I caught with a minnow net when I was a wee lad, so we had a ready-made company mascot.

Kristie: Yes, a ready-made company mascot is important for any business.

Danny: So what else makes these candles special?

Kristie: Well, I’ve been experimenting with essential oil combinations for a while now, and there really is an art to crafting a great scent! I am not saying I’ve mastered it, but I am really happy with what we’ve been able to offer so far…

Danny: Can we expect more scents and variations?

Kristie: Absolutely, and please let us know what you would like to see. We love to get feedback from our customers.

Danny: Lolly lolly licorice is my personal favorite.

Kristie: Siberian Pine for me!