How we are different?

~ We don't use any artificial fragrances (fragrance oil = synthetic, petroleum derived carbons) like honey dew, apple pie, kiwi, amber, cucumber melon, strawberry, watermelon, honeysuckle, cognac etc.

~ Our wicks are made of 100% cotton and have been primed with soy wax, not paraffin, which many other candle companies use.

~ No synthetic fragrances.

~ No dyes.

~ No paraffin.

~ Pure biodegradable wax.

~ Vegan and environmentally friendly.

~ Hand-poured

When Is Natural Meaningful

~ Welcome To Cherepashka Candles
~ We believe in the power of naturally derived-candles

Do you really want to inhale

Especially when essential oils smell so divine?

~ You deserve better candles
~ Celebrate artfully infused essential oils
~ Embrace vegetable waxes and cotton wicks

No synthetics, paraffin or other cheap, toxic filler.
Candles can look beautiful and smell amazing naturally.

We are here to prove it.